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Re: Help our dauther please

From: Gontarovsky Sergey Vladimirovich
Subject: Re: Help our dauther please
Date: Tue, 13 Dec 2005 10:22:45 +0000

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Nastya Gontarovskaya, 16 years, a sarcoma, 31 hospital of SPb

You can see a photo of our daughter on a site

       Friends, excuse that I address to you for the help, but I have decided to address to you owing to illness of my unique daughter Nastya. She is 16 years now. She since September, 2004 is in Saint Petersburg in hospital.

       In October, 2003 she played tennis, has received an easy trauma, and only in May to 2004 it have put the terrible diagnosis: a malignant tumour of soft fabrics a ssarcoma in area sacrum. And doctors have told that already a tumour in such condition that at us in Odessa can make nothing. Have told that urgently went somewhere or to Kiev, in Moscow or to Europe to rescue the girl. We next day have justify to Kiev.

       Difficult operation but as appeared then has been lead have removed not all.

       Three months Nastya could not rise, as the seam in any way did not grow together, and as started to heal, first attributes of a new tumour, evolved of the rests of completely not removed first tumour have appeared. The researches lead through some days have shown, that the new tumour in the sizes has exceeded previous and having broken off a place of a seam a bleeding wound has come to light.

       In the general opinion of doctors already nothing could be made. But nevertheless have dared to use last chance and have addressed for the help to Russian professor Tarasovu V.A. (to the known surgeon with a world name which operates patients at 4-th stage of a cancer) which has agreed to lead operation.

       By special flight Nastya has been urgently delivered to Saint Petersburg (as appeared in a consequence if have taken off for 1 day later already would be late).

       On September, 21, 2004 a brigade of surgeons led by the professor Tarasov has lead heavy operation. 11 hours struggled surgeons for life Nastya. Operation has passed successfully in spite of the fact that the professor has warned us about a high degree of risk of a lethal outcome or about possible amputation all justify leg. Nastya has remained the leg on a place is alive also.

       In December 2004ã. professor Tarasov has transferred Nastya in special children's branch of oncology in Saint Petersburg in 31 hospital (on Krestovsky island) for carrying out of chemotherapy and an irradiation which is headed by professor Belogurova M.B.result of carrying out of six chemotherapy have struck doctors - illness began to recede (in fact before the beginning of chemotherapy there was a general opinion, that chances at the child are not present at such diagnosis and presence of metastasises in easy, Nastya then still laid and weighed 35 kg). Metastasises have strongly decreased also them have already removed from easy. Gradually Nastya began to go in the beginning on crutches, the leg began to become stronger.

       It is already made 10 chemotherapy, there is a beam therapy (25 sessions), and doctors still chemotherapy are going to make.

       Results of treatment very good, Nastya it is well restored after chemotherapy, for the first time began to recover (before operation in Peter weighed 35 kg (including a tumour of 1 kg) at her growth 162, and now has reached 45 kg. Can already go itself with a stick. Doctors are very pleased with results.

       Treatment for us very expensive. We in Peter in fact foreigners and to us it is necessary to pay for all: and for a presence in hospital Nastya with mum - monthly about 1500 dollars. The USA, for medicines and for treatment about 1000 dollars. The USA, let alone a feed and other operational expenditure (and so every month, and in Peter Nastya with mum since September 2004). I how many can I get money to treatment, friends have very much helped us. But the Ice crust in fact still it is necessary to continue treatment in Peter completely to recover, and it can occupy even a month 4 precisely.

       For Nastya In 16 years the childhood and a youth has ended. In a flash terrible illness and the transferred sufferings have made her adult. But it seems to me, illness of her has not broken, she as is persistent, as studied with distinction at school (which and has not stopped), continues to study foreign languages. Nastya freely knows French (already being the patient in 15 years has protected full diploma DELF of the Ministry of Education of France), speaks in English, has diplomas and letters from the first on the third place for participation in city and regional Olympiads on English and French to languages. Already being in hospital has taken a great interest in drawing.

       As that Nastya on the adult has told: « I WANT THAT ANYBODY FROM my FRIENDS FAMILIAR AND CLOSE AT ALL TIMES NEVER SUFFERED, AS I SUFFER. LET ON me ALL WILL END THEIR SUFFERINGS ». And only sometimes in the evenings it happens the melancholy finds and Nastya through tears asks: « MUM, WHEN I BACK TO ODESSA? ».

       Excuse for this deviation, I am simple do not know as still briefly to describe those sufferings which has transferred Nastya and we together with her. We every day address to the God with the unique request, for healing of a daughter from this terrible illness.

Yours faithfully, the daddy of the girl, Sergey Gontarovsky.

Home address: Odessa - 65015,
street. Williams 56/3, sq. 58
Gontarovsky Sergey Vladimirovich 

If you can help money write please to us. E-mail - address@hidden
You can help us through: Western Union, Bank transer, E-gold, Check



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