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From: address@hidden
Date: Wed, 28 Dec 2005 15:10:53 -0300 (UYT)


Hello Dear,

How are you? I hope fine. How is work? I guess all right. Please I 
gotyour email address while browsing through the net and I know you 
are a very reputable person because I believe you are.

Please I want you to know that this transaction can only take place 
if you agree with your heart to help me out and have no doubts nor 
get scared.

As you know from the mail, we want to put you in as the next of kin 
of thelate Engr John Creek who until his death has an account with 
our bank with a closing account of us$18m and since his death nobody 
has come up to claim this money from our bank.

>From the information's gathered in the late Engr creek's file there 
is no trace to anybody who has any blood relationship with the late 
Engr, this makes us know that once there is an application from any 
foreigner applied to the bank, in respect of this fund, the bank 
will have no alternative than to
transfer the money to the person.

For your assistance we will give you 30%, while we retain 60% and 
10% will be used to offset any bill incurred in this transaction. If 
this is okay by you,please i will like you to mail me immediately on
my private email address: [EMAILPROTECTED:address@hidden so 
that we can go on.

Yours faithfully,


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