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Re: global feature request: allow blanks in filenames

From: Tony E. Bennett
Subject: Re: global feature request: allow blanks in filenames
Date: Mon, 15 Jan 2001 09:53:09 -0500


Step2 is very important to me.

Tools like 'global' are most useful when learning existing code.
Even though the blanks are very annoying (in many ways, not just
for global), I cannot change the filenames of existing code that
is shared by 100 developers.

The GNU sort command allows specification of the separator using
'-t SEPERATOR'.  Maybe other sort commands do also.



>>>>> "Shigio" == Shigio Yamaguchi <address@hidden> writes:

Shigio> Hi,
>> Some of the code I work on has many filenames with embedded
>> blanks.  This can not be changed unfortunately.
>> It would be very nice if 'global' nicely handled blanks in
>> filenames.

Shigio> shigio > step1:  change gtags to ignore the path including blanks and 
Shigio> shigio >         warning message if the -w option specified.
Shigio> shigio > 
Shigio> shigio >         It will be done on cvs version GLOBAL in a couple of 
Shigio> shigio > 

Shigio> I have already implemented step1.

Shigio> shigio > step2:  change tag format so that the path can include blanks.
Shigio> shigio > 
Shigio> shigio >         New format is like this:
Shigio> shigio > 
Shigio> shigio >         main    32             "./src/m in.c"   main(argc, 
Shigio> shigio > 
Shigio> shigio >         It will be done in the near future.

Shigio> It was found that step2 is very hard to implement.
Shigio> For example, GLOBAL use sort(1) command internally, but sort(1) cannot
Shigio> treat above format correctly.
Shigio> Of course, I can solve this problem by any other method but I want to
Shigio> know whether or not step2 is important.

Shigio> Why do you want to use blank character in path name?
Shigio> Is it possible to change blank character to any other character, say 
Shigio> in your file names?
Shigio> If it is hard, why is it hard?
Shigio> --
Shigio> Shigio Yamaguchi - Tama Communications Corporation
Shigio> Mail: address@hidden, (Spare mail: address@hidden)

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