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Re: What suffixes are supported/for what languages

From: das
Subject: Re: What suffixes are supported/for what languages
Date: Wed, 9 May 2001 04:33:36 -0700 (PDT)

--- Shigio Yamaguchi <address@hidden> wrote:
> > > > wouldn't it be nice to read the extensions (file suffixes)
> > > > and their associated parser from the config
> > > > file though don't you think? maybe a feature
> > > > request.
> Do you mean that you need a parser for each suffixes?
> Would you please describe a sample of configuration file?

A parser bound to each suffix - just like the 'else if ( suffix )
parser' tree hardcoded in gctags/gctags.c that i modified by hand
to add new suffixes for an existing parser.

maybe you could start by adding a command that would display the
built in bindings of suffix to parser?

you would have an internal default list used if there were no
related entries in the .global config and a command like
'gtags --config suffix-per-parser' would print out:

parse_C : c;
parse_C++ : C,H,cc,cpp,hpp,cxx;
parse_detect_C_C++ : h;
parse_Java : jar;

or something like this, just make it easy to parse for machines
and humans.

the output should have the same format
as what you would allow users to put in the global config file so they
might list new suffixes that either replace or append to the current
list of suffix to parser bindings:

in .globalrc

parse_C : +,msg;
parse_C++ : +,hh,hxx;

and if this was done correctly in the .globalrc file the
'gtags --config suffix-per-parser' would show the new bindings:

parse_C : c,msg;
parse_C++ : C,H,cc,cpp,hpp,cxx,hh,hxx

and maybe someone would like to remove suffixes as well as add new

parse_C++ : +,-C,-H,-cpp,-hpp,hh;

> > > > Another request would be to seperate the definition vs
> > > > references for symbols....
> I will support this facility in the future.
> It requires new parser.

i understand - it's just not listed in your PLANS section on the
global web pages so i thought i'd mention it.

Thanks for being so responsive!


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