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Re: Problems on solaris 2.7 with global 4.1

From: Shigio Yamaguchi
Subject: Re: Problems on solaris 2.7 with global 4.1
Date: Sat, 28 Jul 2001 02:16:20 +0900

> On Solaris 2.7 with global 4.1 there is the following problems
> the script bless uses a line like
>     if ! cmp ... >/dev/null
> the ! is not a solaris /bin/sh command it does work with bash.
> The bless script edits search.html incorectly removes the TARGET=mains tag 
> during the edit

I have fixed above bugs in CVS version of GLOBAL.
I'll release bug fixed version in near future.
Thank you.
> It looks like gtags uses some enviroment varibles (GTAGSDBPATH) to send a 
> path to gctags.  Under solaris the enviroment that gctags is run runder does 
> not seem to contain the passed varibles.  (Under linux it works as expected)

Yes.  gtags and gctags use an environment variable GTAGSDBPATH
for their communication.

What message did gtags show?
Shigio Yamaguchi - Tama Communications Corporation
Mail: address@hidden, (Spare mail: address@hidden)

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