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RE: Extended feature

From: Hageseter, Trond E.
Subject: RE: Extended feature
Date: Thu, 11 Oct 2001 14:26:42 +0200

Dear sir!

I totally agree with you that extensions snd improvements should be of
general interest for a large community. From that aspect I still can not
understand your lack of understanding for the possibility to perform an
incremental update of the TAGS database using an append function.

An event better alternative would be the possibility to be able to let
the user provide a list of directories or even a file list to be used to
generate the tags. This is what we do today with ctags, and that works

The reason I found "global" interesting was that it had a more
sophisticated way of storing the tags database, was very speedy and
indeed superb when performing an update of the database after changes to
the source files.

The features global, in my humble opinion, lacks makes it less flexible
for developers with complicated source hierarchies, that can not use
only the vanilla functionality found in a excellent tool as global.
These developers require power, and the ability to customize things to
fit into an existing structure.

I am surprised that you have an attitude as you have shown in reply to
my mail, because I hoped that you would appreciate input that are only
given in the best of all meanings. It is by no means my intention to
criticize your first-class product that you are even kind enough to
contribute free of charge.

Best regards

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From: Shigio Yamaguchi [mailto:address@hidden
Sent: 11. oktober 2001 14:07
To: Hageseter, Trond E.
Cc: Shigio Yamaguchi; address@hidden
Subject: Re: Extended feature

> Well, the reason for this is that we have a organized our source so
> we have library code and core code separated. The library code was put
> A solution could be to make a new catalogue structure where libraries
> and core shared a common root, but as long as the current approach
> separated library and core is working as today, I would rather not
> change it. There are LOTS of makefiles and utilities that depend on
> existing structure I am afraid.
> Good suggestions are welcome!

Sorry but I'm not interested in your environment.(Maybe, my question was
Above reason is too specific to your environment.
I didn't understand the merit for GLOBAL users except of you.

This list is the place for developpers and users of GLOBAL to
discuss about bug reports and fixes for, and suggestions for
in GLOBAL. Please think for others.
Shigio Yamaguchi - Tama Communications Corporation
Mail: address@hidden, (Spare mail: address@hidden)

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