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suggestions for global

From: Henning Stroeker
Subject: suggestions for global
Date: Fri, 15 Feb 2002 09:32:19 +0100

Hi global developers,

our company uses global for a quite big project (analySIS about 150 MB
source code). Most important for us is the possibility to browse the project
through the web front end generated by htags. But there are some things that
could be improved:

1. Most people don't like the differentiation between capital and small
letters for file names.
2. Some people would be happy if they could use the simple wild cards * and
? instead of the complex regular expression syntax.
3. I want to integrate a search engine like htdig to be able to search even
for comments etc. So I need a simple possibility to integrate the search
front end into the global front end. My idea is that it should be possible
to define html-templates (maybe XML?) for the frames. Then everybody is able
to change the design, to add functionality or simply additional links in the
company's intranet. Different themes of html-templates could be integrated
in the global package.
4. gtags works only on one directory. The result is that header files that
are located elsewhere (like /usr/include/stdio.h) are not indexed. So it is
impossible to search for "printf" for example.  A solution would be to add
an include path option to gtags.
5. It would be great to find a solution for pathnames containing spaces (I
know that this seems not to be possible).

Henning Ströker

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