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Re: question about option -g of global

From: Shigio Yamaguchi
Subject: Re: question about option -g of global
Date: Wed, 04 Jun 2003 09:32:30 +0900

> Option -o (--other) was supported only in implementation using xargs+grep.
> Although this option does not work now, it still remains in the manual.
> Are you going to implement this option again?

OK. I have done in the cvs version.

> In the former version, when option -o was specified, option -l was 
> disregarded.
> If you revive -o, please make use possible simultaneously with -l.

The cvs version works well with -lo option.

> How is a binary file treated when option -o is specified?
> In the former version, a match of the binary file had terminated global.
> >global -gxo main > /dev/null
> global: invalid grep output format. 'Binary file ./gctags/gctags.o matches'
> >xargs: grep: terminated by signal 13

At least, current cvs version doesn't abort. But in fact, it doesn't
distinguish text and binary.
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