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Re: [PATCH] Use -Wall if compiler is gcc

From: Shigio Yamaguchi
Subject: Re: [PATCH] Use -Wall if compiler is gcc
Date: Fri, 06 Jun 2003 02:26:34 +0900

> Are any users troubled if this option is forced?
> This option does not influence code generation and
> it does not influence whether source can be compiled or not.

I don't want to see many complex messages when it is understood that
there is no problem.

As you know, GLOBAL includes separate packages like db(3), regex(3),
getopt(3) and the like. At present, they cannot be compiled without the
warning messages when using -Wall.
Besides, I'm writing a parser using flex(1) but it seems that the source
code generated by the tool also cannot be compiled without warnings.

> The users of GLOBAL could understand warning messages,
> since they are developers.

It is not necessarily a developer, I think. There might be a lot of
students who are studying the programming. Since we distribute
GLOBAL only as source package, they must build it before studying.

This option might be used only when it is necessary.
In fact, both gcc and automake doesn't enable it by default. 
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