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Re: Bug in htags?

From: Shigio Yamaguchi
Subject: Re: Bug in htags?
Date: Fri, 20 Jun 2003 23:22:51 +0900

>     I'm running GLOBAL on Cygwin/Windows Millennium.=20
>     When I first ran htags (after running gtags), it returned the =
> following message:=20
>             "htags: cannot make cache file '/tmp/htagd79287565'."
>     So in htags I substituted: =20
>    =20
>                 "-$'use_cache_file =3D 1;    # make temporary db
>     by=20
>                 "-$'use_cache_file =3D 0;    # make temporary db
>     and it seems to work.
>             Andr=E9s Azar,
>             Uruguay.

Do you have '/tmp' directory in your system?

        [How to check existence]
        $ ls -ld /tmp

Do you have permission to write to '/tmp'?

        [How to check permission]
        $ echo >/tmp/a
        $ cat /tmp/a
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