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Re: [PATCH] make suffix list of include file configurable

From: Shigio Yamaguchi
Subject: Re: [PATCH] make suffix list of include file configurable
Date: Wed, 01 Sep 2004 22:48:50 +0900

> In addition to previous change, I made language mapping configurable.
> The interpretation routine of mapping is moved to library from gctags, 
> and it is shared with htags. 
> How  about this?

Great! It is exactly preferable.

By the way, would you please write the copyright notice like this?

langmap.c       Copyright (c) 2002, 2004 Tama Communications Corporation
langmap.h       Copyright (c) 2004 Tama Communications Corporation

Thank you.
Shigio Yamaguchi <address@hidden> - Tama Communications Corporation
PGP fingerprint: D1CB 0B89 B346 4AB6 5663  C4B6 3CA5 BBB3 57BE DDA3

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