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Re: GLOBAL 4.8, djgpp & MinGW

From: Jason Hood
Subject: Re: GLOBAL 4.8, djgpp & MinGW
Date: Sat, 18 Sep 2004 02:14:05 +1000

Shigio Yamaguchi wrote:
> Hi Jason,
> > I finally got around to updating the latest GLOBAL version to djgpp.
> > While I was there, I also got it working with MinGW (and MSYS). In
> > addition to fixing earlier djgpp bugs and just getting things working
> > in MinGW, the attached patch does the following:
> By the way, will you continue the test?
> Should I wait for a moment before applying the patch?

Noone on the djgpp newsgroup has complained, so I guess it's safe (or...
nah, we won't go there :) ).


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