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Re: Global 4.8.2 + external Berkeley DB

From: Shigio Yamaguchi
Subject: Re: Global 4.8.2 + external Berkeley DB
Date: Sat, 01 Jan 2005 20:25:11 +0900

> with the --with-berkeley-db configure option. I am going to do some
> speed tests to see if using a new berkeley db version is faster than
> the included one with global.

How fast is it?

> shell processing. I also updated global.cgi to 'use strict'. There is
> no reason to not use perl 5 syntax in this file since the 'open ...
> exec' statement requires recent versions of perl anyway.

I don't stick to perl 4 syntax for this script.  But I think that
we need not move to perl 5, if there is no merit.
The 'open ... exec' syntax is covered by perl 4.

> 2.1 When the @PERL@ statement is turned into the perl path in MinGW,
> /bin/perl is used. Most perl installations on Windows are in
> c:/perl/bin/. The share/gtags/global.cgi.tmpl file will have to be
> manually fixed by the user on a Windows system for now. The user may
> also have to modify $ENV{PATH} in this file to include the global bin
> directory. I plan on adding this to htags for when it creates the
> global.cgi program.

Since we have decided that we don't support WIN32 environment,
you had better mail to the person who is distributing the WIN32 version.
You can find his site at <http://www.gnu.org/software/global/download.html>.

> One thing I have noticed is that the new C version of htags runs in 21
> minutes on one of my source trees. The modified perl version that I
> submitted several months ago (and am currently using) ran in 24
> minutes. I expected a better improvement! How can we speed up htags
> further do you think?

Sinc the C version is a simple replacement of the perl version,
we have many jobs to optimize it. But currenly, I have no idea about it.

By the way, would you please contain only one theme in one mail?
Shigio Yamaguchi <address@hidden> - Tama Communications Corporation
PGP fingerprint: D1CB 0B89 B346 4AB6 5663  C4B6 3CA5 BBB3 57BE DDA3

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