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bug in htags/dupindex.c

From: Ruppert Koch
Subject: bug in htags/dupindex.c
Date: Fri, 21 Jan 2005 17:34:21 +0100
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I found a small bug in GLOBAL v4.8.2. The function static FILE* open_dup_file <cid:part1.07050105.06050209@rcsc.de>(db, count), located in htags/dupindex.c, needs the two die() statements swapped. Otherwise, one gets the non-descriptive error "cannot execute command ยดยด." in case the system cannot create a non-compressed file. This happened to me when using htags on the 2.6.8 Linux kernel under WindowsXP/cygwin. I ran it on a FAT32 partition, and it seems as if there is a 64K file limit per directory, so htags stopped, but didn't give the correct error, which was "cannot create file HTML/R/52692.html".

Otherwise a great software.


Dr./USA Ruppert Koch
Reliable Computer Systems Consulting
Tel: 089/74326886, Mobil: 0163/2862354

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