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Re: Post-it project (Re: Feature suggestion)

From: Rob Holland
Subject: Re: Post-it project (Re: Feature suggestion)
Date: Wed, 12 Oct 2005 09:16:57 +0100

On Wed, 2005-10-12 at 15:13 +0900, Shigio Yamaguchi wrote:

> Additionally, I think that we should make Post-it database independent
> from GLOBAL system, because it is also profitable for other programming
> tools like doxygen.

Yep, makes sense.

> I thought about the implementation approach of the Post-it database.
> How about using file system as the database?

Yeah, I like this idea because it's easily shared and understood (and
rsyncs well ;)

> POST-IT DIRECTORY (/home/me/post-it/)
>       [post-it]
>         |-[file]                      <- post-it directory for file.
>         |   |-main.c                  <- refer main.c at line 1.
>         |   |-main.c:55               <- refer main.c at line 55.
>         |   |-[lib]
>         |       |-util1.c:102         <- refer util.c at line 102.
>         |-[define]                    <- post-it directory for definition.
>             |-main                    <- refer definition 'main'.
>             |-func1                   <- refer definition 'func1'.

I agree except for the main.c:55 idea. I think there should be one
comments file per file, and that we should separate line entries within
the file. My reason for this is the ability to test very quickly if
there are any comments for a file by testing for the existence of a the
comments file. We should be able to exit as quickly as possible if there
is nothing for us to do.

It also allows easier extension and "forward porting" of comments files
once we decide to work on allowing fuzziness, by changing the way in
which we refer to the lines, but still allowing the old format to work.

I imagine we'll already need to support multiple separate comments per
symbol/line (there can be more than one issue of differing types), so we
may as well just add line numbers to whatever syntax we come up with for

> Htags should refer the POST-IT DIRECTORY like follows.
> (Of course, the --post-it option will be replaced with a more suitable name.)
> $ cd /usr/local/source
> $ htags --post-it=/home/me/post-it

Sounds fine, although we do need to add some magic way for post-it to
know where to look for its database when you are in the source tree
itself. I assume a $HOME/.post-it with a list of mappings



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