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[PATCH] Problem with global.cgi for webserver configuration

From: BVK
Subject: [PATCH] Problem with global.cgi for webserver configuration
Date: Thu, 23 Nov 2006 15:23:47 +0530


I see a small problem with global.cgi script (in global-5.3) used for
webserver configurations.  Here is the scenario which explains the

1.  I installed global-5.3 into my $HOME using ./configure
--prefix=$HOME && make && make install.
2.  I have setup my apache to execute all .cgi files as cgi-scripts
for all users.
3.  I executed "htags -g -f" from $HOME/public_html/global-5.3/
directory to create HTML files with *SEARCH* capabilities.
4.  Now my search for main symbol fails, though mains.html shows many
main symbols (in http://localhost/~bvk/global-5.3/HTML/mains.html).

5.  /var/log/apache2/error.log shows that global couldn't find gtags
command, which is already in my $HOME/bin.

I found that apache2 executes cgi-scripts as *nobody* user, so $PATH
for global.cgi script didnt include my $HOME/bin, thus global couldnt
find the gtags command.  I solved the problem by adding $HOME/bin (ie,
--prefix/bin) to $PATH in global.cgi script before execing global.

A better approach might me, adding @bindir@ (similar to @globalpath@)
in htags.c file, but i am new to global so i didnt dare.  I am
attaching my (small, first ever) patch.

/ bvk-chaitanya

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