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Re: Suggestion: gtags.el, pop-stack withoug delete

From: Tobias Polzin
Subject: Re: Suggestion: gtags.el, pop-stack withoug delete
Date: Fri, 04 Jul 2008 09:28:14 +0200


> It works.
> But I am hesitant whether to accept your patch,
> because it leaves many index pages.

I had never problems with the index pages, but you are right that this should 
be changed. It can be patched easily:

<       (if (and gtags-pop-delete (not (gtags-exist-in-stack (current-buffer))))
>       ; with gtags-pop-delete delete the buffer, if it still exists
>       ; without, we delete only the Gtags-Select buffers and keep the others,
>       ;   e.g. to enable dabbrev-expand in the visited buffers
>       (if (and (or gtags-pop-delete
>                    (equal mode-name "Gtags-Select"))
>                (not (gtags-exist-in-stack (current-buffer))))

Would this be sufficient? 

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