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End Of File

From: polzin_spamprotect_
Subject: End Of File
Date: Thu, 30 Oct 2008 19:06:10 +0100


one of the few annoying things when using global with emacs is that global 
aborts with errorlevel 1 when an past end of file search happens. This happens 
if the file has shrunken too much after the last indexing. 

What I did:
Searching in emacs for a tag. The file of one appearance of the tag has 
shrunken such much, that maximum number of lines is lower than the original 
line number.

What I expected:
a) A GTags-Select giving the original line number and EOF as line. 
b) A jump to EOF of the file, if it was the only match.

What I saw:
In minibuffer shortly flashes some error messages "global: unexpected end of 

Reindexing takes a lot time for a big project, so the update is performed over 
night. Thus, there are frequenctly smaller mismatches, which is no problem as 
long global does not exit with "errorlevel".

  Tobias Polzin
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