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updating tags for single file

From: Mikolaj Sitarz
Subject: updating tags for single file
Date: Fri, 7 Aug 2009 21:58:57 +0200

Recently I have done some modification - added option --update-file to
gtags. It updates tags for single file. I have seen that someone on
the list, also requested this feature. Possibility of considering
single file during tags update, is essential for me. I am using file
system mounted via network, with source files spread among the other
files. Tags creation sometimes takes hours - traversing through the
filesystem is very slow. Now I can do tags update after single file
Its a clean pleasure to use emacs with gnu global :-)

Attached diff, contains this feature, together with changes I did
before (IGNORE_ERROR flag and fixed root dir recognition on win32).

Mikolaj Sitarz

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