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HTAGS write error

From: Daniel Palacio
Subject: HTAGS write error
Date: Mon, 8 Mar 2010 13:39:57 -0800

In windows running:
htags --suggest:

 [695250] adding definition ....
 [695251] adding definition ....
htags: cannot write to database.

My filesystem can handle big files, and I have more than enough free space(over 1 TB free).
I think this is the same bug as:


I tried looking on the manual to see how to fix this, but could not find it.
Q4. I'm using GNU system. In a large project, gtags fails in making tags
    like follows:

$ gtags
gtags: cannot write to database.
$ _

    File system is not full. It seems that gtags cannot make a file over 2GB.
    Any solution?

A4. If your GNU system supports 64-bit file offset then please try the
    following configuration.


Though gtags did not fail, its was HTAGS, and I already have this set......is htags not being compiled with the same flags ?

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