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Segmentation fault in version 6.2.3

From: hs_ xieminchen
Subject: Segmentation fault in version 6.2.3
Date: Wed, 30 May 2012 11:57:54 +0800

Dear Gnu Global authors:

         I’m a vimer and enjoying with gnu-global. So thanks for your great software.

         But when I update Global from 6.2.2. to 6.2.3 I’ve encountered a “Segmentation fault”:

1.       what is your environment (OS)?:

linux 2.6.31, vim

2.       Which version of GLOBAL are you using?


3.       What did you do? (command line)

cd $(proj_root) (only contain main.c)

cat `pwd`/main.c > file.list

gtags –f file.list

4.       What did you expect from it?

Generate tags correctly

5.       What was occurred? (as is)

Segmentation fault


         After watching the codes, I find that the fault is caused by the regex.c line 5759 in function regexec(). The line is:

                            boolean want_reg_info = !preg->no_sub && nmatch > 0;

         And the program fault because the preg is NULL. The regexex() is called by the function find_read_filelist() in find.c line 756. The code calling the regexec() was:

                            If (regexec(suff, path, 0, 0, 0) != 0) …

         Here the suff is null, so the program fault. And the suff was a static regext point in the file find.c. It can only be inited in the function issourcefile().

         So, I think the program fault because function issourcefile() is not called by somebody if I execute the commands above. But I don’t know where and when to call this function, what’s the meaning of this function. So I don’t know how to resolve this bug. Could you please help me?


Best Regards



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