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Problem running gtags on Drupal

From: Arne Jørgensen
Subject: Problem running gtags on Drupal
Date: Wed, 30 May 2012 19:59:16 +0200
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When I'm trying to generate tag files for Drupal I run into this error
message (and exit status 2):

 input buffer overflow, can't enlarge buffer because scanner uses REJECT

I narrowed the problem down to one file in Drupal:


And inside that file I narrowed the problem down to a large block
comment just before the hook_menu() function.

The block comment (lines 905-1209) is 305 lines long and removing any
~18 lines from the comment eliminates the problem.

Now, I don't have commit access to Drupal so I can't shorten the comment
by 18 lines myself and I'm not sure that would be the right solution
anyway :-)

Is this problem a known limit in gtags or something? Or is there some
way to get around the problem (besides using

I'm using GNU GLOBAL 6.2 (and also tried 6.2.2 and 6.2.3) on Mac OS X
using Homebrew. I have a coworker running Ubuntu who experiences the
same problem (don't known his version though).

Best regards,

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