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Re: [feature request] Colouring matches in --result=grep outputs

From: Jason Hood
Subject: Re: [feature request] Colouring matches in --result=grep outputs
Date: Thu, 04 Jul 2013 16:57:31 +0000
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On 3/07/2013 2:25, Leo Liu wrote:
> Thanks and it seems to work as expected. However,
> On 2013-06-28 17:13 +0800, Jason Hood wrote:
>> It only works with -g, whatever the output.
> Too restrictive and kills much of the usefulness of the feature.

Fine, call me out on my laziness. :)  Done it properly, now (even
works with -P, and allows environment variable GTAGSCOLOR for -C).
Patch is slightly big for email, so grab it from my site:


It expects to be applied on top of the previous patch, and also fixes
some other things:

Tweaks convert.pl so the info version has actual cross-references, but
I only updated (and tweaked) global/manual.in.  It translates
"@xref{tag,1,}" to "tag(1) (@pxref{tag})"; "@xref{tag,1,:}" to
"tag(1) (@pxref{Top,,,tag})"; and "@xref{tag,1,file:node}" to
"tag(1) (@pxref{node,,,file})".

Frees the regex in completion_tags.  Adds '*' & '|' as regex characters.
Explicitly add --regexp to lid, since it apparently doesn't recognise
them, either.  Use quote_shell for lid's pattern (quote_string escapes
all the regex characters).

Includes stdlib.h in libglibc/obstack.c - this removes warnings about
missing abort & exit.  Adds casts to spawnvp in gtags-cscope/exec.c and
execvp in plugin-factory/exuberant-ctags.c - this removes warnings about
the argv type.  I guess these only apply to Windows; I don't think
the first two should affect Unix, but the latter might.


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