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Global-Grep: object not found (no index used).

From: Leo Liu
Subject: Global-Grep: object not found (no index used).
Date: Fri, 01 Nov 2013 08:47:24 +0800
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Hi there,

Run "global -v --result=grep --path-style=shorter --grep set_cookie" in
Dancer┬╣ gives back:

  lib/Dancer.pm:95:  set_cookie
  lib/Dancer.pm:206:sub set_cookie      { Dancer::Cookies->set_cookie(@_) }
  lib/Dancer.pm:668:eventually be preferred over C<set_cookie>.
  lib/Dancer.pm:1563:=head2 set_cookie
  lib/Dancer.pm:1568:        set_cookie name => 'value',
  lib/Dancer.pm:1578:        set_cookie oauth => {
  lib/Dancer/Cookies.pm:23:    defined $value && set_cookie( $class, $name, 
$value, @_ );
  lib/Dancer/Cookies.pm:51:# set_cookie name => value,
  lib/Dancer/Cookies.pm:54:sub set_cookie {
  lib/Dancer/Cookies.pm:61:    Dancer::Cookies->set_cookie_object($name => 
  lib/Dancer/Cookies.pm:64:sub set_cookie_object {
Dancer::Cookies->set_cookie_object($name => $c);
  t/lib/TestApp.pm:47:get '/set_cookie/*/*' => sub {
  t/lib/TestApp.pm:49:    set_cookie $name => $value;
  object not found (no index used).

The last line "object not found (no index used)." seems wrong. Is it a
bug? I am running version 6.2.9 on OSX 10.9.


┬╣  address@hidden:PerlDancer/Dancer.git

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