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Fwd: [RFC] glob patterns in the skip list

From: Arne Jørgensen
Subject: Fwd: [RFC] glob patterns in the skip list
Date: Wed, 19 Feb 2014 09:08:25 +0100

I should have sent the following the mailing list and not just in a private reply:

Very cool.

I tested with *_flymake* in my skip list and it works as expected! I haven't tested with the other glob chars.

I will go ahead and use this now and if I experience problems I will report back.

Maybe we should consider adding the *_flymake* pattern to de default skip list?

2014-02-19 1:01 GMT+01:00 Shigio YAMAGUCHI <address@hidden>:

I have write a patch to support glob patterns in the skip list.
With the patch, you can use the following glob characters in the
file names.

        *, ?, [...], [!...], [^...]
        ('!' and '^' means 'not')


If you find problems in it, would you please tell me them?
Thank you.

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