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Re: [feature request] Colouring matches in --result=grep outputs

From: Leo Liu
Subject: Re: [feature request] Colouring matches in --result=grep outputs
Date: Tue, 25 Feb 2014 13:01:10 +0800
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On 2014-01-22 00:40 +0800, Jason Hood wrote:
> Find attached a patch that implements both GLOBAL_OPTIONS (marking
> GTAGSTHROUGH as deprecated) and --color=never|always|auto (-C and --color
> are the same as --color=auto) for 6.2.10 (based on my previous doswin.txt
> patch, but I expect it should work for the original release; as with that
> patch, I've only supplied manual.in, not any of the generated files, but
> my site[1] has them).  Given the above example, I've also added
> -E,--extended-regexp, -m,--match-case and -S,--project to allow overriding
> of GLOBAL_OPTIONS, restoring defaults.
> For DOS and Windows (including Cygwin), GLOBAL_OPTIONS will translate
> '~' to '=', to be compatible with COMMAND.COM (which doesn't allow equal
> signs in variables).
> Windows users wanting to build it themselves will still need ANSI32.dll
> from ANSICON[2] for color support (my binaries come with it).
> [1] http://global.adoxa.vze.com/
> [2] http://ansicon.adoxa.vze.com/

I have been running global with this patch for a while now and so far it
is work very nicely. See for example http://i.imgur.com/r9nz3ss.png

I wonder if we could merge this in (with some final touches maybe) for
the next release.


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