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Re: [RFC] A project basis configuration mechanism

From: Shigio YAMAGUCHI
Subject: Re: [RFC] A project basis configuration mechanism
Date: Mon, 7 Apr 2014 13:50:25 +0900

> > It is too vague for discussing. Would you please explain it for example?
> > In what case is it useful?
> Sorry for my delay in reply.
> For example, I want to just specify:
> default:\
>         :tc=native:tc=drupal:
> as my project's gtags.conf file i.e. without copying the whole
> gtags.conf over. My $HOME/.globalrc or system-wide gtags.conf will
> already contain the entries for label `native' and `drupal'. my project
> should inherit those settings.

You mean two or more configuration files are effective simultaneously?
If so, it is not upward compatible. It confuses the present users.

Isn't this enough?

$ cp $HOME/.globalrc gtags.conf
$ vi gtags.conf


$ echo myproj >gtags.label

| :tc=native:tc=drupal:

Incompatible changes are difficult for users to accept.
How about thinking it after introduction of project basis gtags.conf?

> >> > 1.2 gtags.label
> > ...
> > Since gtags.conf has a function to hold two or more configurations in
> > one file, a configuration is specified by both file name and label name.
> > If we offer project basis gtags.conf, we should also offer project basis
> > label, I think.
> We don't need it. We either just pick the first label in the project's
> gtags.conf or (by convention) the 'default' label.
I don't understand what you are saying. Which meaning is it?

o We should stop support of GTAGSLABEL.
o We should ignore GTAGSLABEL only when project basis gtags.conf is used.
> The `.notfunction' should also be obsolete and move into gtags.conf.

Why is it?
> The `gtags.files' can be replaced by providing something similar to the
> skip list where we can specify subdirectories or by extensions for
> example, only index *.m files etc.

The 'gtags.files' is the same way as 'cscope.files' of cscope command.
Since it is familiar for many users, they can utilize their own know-how.
It is a gloomy thing to study about different specification method
for every tools.

> I think with these features users only need to worry about one single
> file gtags.conf. We can even provide a dedicated man page for it to help
> new comers get started.

It is reverse rather. Those who need only 'gtags.files' need not know about

Shigio YAMAGUCHI <address@hidden>
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