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GLOBAL 6.3 Windows patch

From: Jason Hood
Subject: GLOBAL 6.3 Windows patch
Date: Fri, 13 Jun 2014 21:56:06 +1000
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Find attached the patch to make the plug-in parser work with Windows.
It adds "-no-undefined" to the *_la_LDFLAGS options, necessary to
create the DLLs.  It also changes "@{libdir}" to "@{prefix}/lib" and
does the opposite change in gtags.conf.in, changing "@prefix@/lib" to
"@libdir@".  This is necessary so I can "configure --prefix=c:/usr
--libdir=/usr/lib", preventing the drive colon from interfering with
the config.  I also ignore libtool, so the actual path in the config
doesn't matter (although it will be used if it's valid).


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