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Re: GTags single file update feature proposal

From: Shigio YAMAGUCHI
Subject: Re: GTags single file update feature proposal
Date: Thu, 12 Mar 2015 10:23:32 +0900

You are right. I forgot this issue.
Current --single-update option supports only addition and updating.
It should support deletion, and will support it.
Thank you for the advice!


2015-03-12 0:55 GMT+09:00 Pavel Nedev <address@hidden>:

I was experimenting recently with gtags --single-update option and I noticed that if the file given does not exist gtags returns error message and does nothing more.

Here is the specific use case:

- I have project database generated with 'gtags -c'
- I delete file from the project (let's say it is test.cpp) 
- I want to update database only for this file as only it is changed (completely removed) so I do:

gtags -c --single-update test.cpp

At this point gtags returns error message saying that the file does not exist.
I was expecting that gtags will update the database removing all references for test.cpp (path from GPATH and all symbols found inside test.cpp).
I don't know if this is feasible but it would be very nice feature (and is very intuitive also IMO).

Thank you for the support!

Best Regards,

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