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Global results order

From: Pavel Nedev
Subject: Global results order
Date: Thu, 2 Apr 2015 15:16:19 +0300 (EEST)

Hi again,

While using global recently two questions popped out:

1 - I didn't know that global reference and definition search is actually using 
regexp. Is that on purpose?
2 - Are the global search results supposed to be ordered by file name?

If you do

gtags -c

on global sources and then run

global -d --result=grep int.

then definition search is performed on regular expression "int."
Here are part of the results, just at the end:

libglibc/sqlite3.c:371:  typedef SQLITE_INT64_TYPE sqlite_int64;
libglibc/sqlite3.c:374:  typedef __int64 sqlite_int64;
libglibc/sqlite3.c:377:  typedef long long int sqlite_int64;
libglibc/sqlite3.h:247:  typedef SQLITE_INT64_TYPE sqlite_int64;
libglibc/sqlite3.h:250:  typedef __int64 sqlite_int64;
libglibc/sqlite3.h:253:  typedef long long int sqlite_int64;
libglibc/sqlite3.c:372:  typedef unsigned SQLITE_INT64_TYPE sqlite_uint64;
libglibc/sqlite3.c:375:  typedef unsigned __int64 sqlite_uint64;
libglibc/sqlite3.c:378:  typedef unsigned long long int sqlite_uint64;
libglibc/sqlite3.h:248:  typedef unsigned SQLITE_INT64_TYPE sqlite_uint64;
libglibc/sqlite3.h:251:  typedef unsigned __int64 sqlite_uint64;
libglibc/sqlite3.h:254:  typedef unsigned long long int sqlite_uint64;

As you can see sqlite3.c and sqlite3.h files results are mixed-up. It would be 
great if those could be ordered - first all results from sqlite3.c are listed 
and then all sqlite3.h follow (or vice-versa).

Can I also disable somehow regexp search for definitions and references? Being 
able to do "literal" definition/reference search would be very valuable.


Best Regards,

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