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Re: Global results order

From: Jason Hood
Subject: Re: Global results order
Date: Sat, 04 Apr 2015 17:50:27 +1000
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On 3/04/2015 18:32, Jason Hood wrote:
> On 2/04/2015 22:16, Pavel Nedev wrote:
>> 2 - Are the global search results supposed to be ordered by file name?
> Try piping to `sort -V` (if your sort supports version sorting).

If it doesn't (native GNU sort on DOS/Windows seem to be old), use `-t: -k1,1 
-k2n` (if using absolute paths on DOS/Windows, make it `-k1,2 -k3n`).  Windows 
sort won't work (line numbers will be like 1-10-2); the old DOS CWSORT & RPSORT 
don't define a field separator (so you'll get 10-1-2); don't think I've come 
across anything else.  Of course, having GLOBAL grep sort it itself would be 
better, but it looks like it would actually be a bit of effort, which wouldn't 
be worth it.


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