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Can global handle fully qualifed C++ names?

From: Gautam Thaker
Subject: Can global handle fully qualifed C++ names?
Date: Sat, 20 Jun 2015 13:27:51 -0400
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I have been using global (including its latest "nearness" capability), and it is working well for me. I have another question. Can global be asked to return a tag for a fully qualifed C++ name such as:

retval = OpenDDS::DCPS::DataWriterImpl::write( ...)

In this software there are 202 "write()" functions, and getting to the correct one quickly would be a nice help. In this case when I ask global to find this "write" method there is no way, it seems, to tell it the full, entirely qualified name. Since OpenDDS::DCPS::  are namespace qualifiers it would be nice if global recognized that closed entry is one with the line:


No other entry out of 202 comes close to this match.  Is it possible for global to somehow find this entry correctly? "nearness" works great, and has already saved me much time in navigating around. This case of fully qualified names I wish there was support for (or if it exists and I have missed seeing it pl. let me know.)


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