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Re: A doubt about Doxygen style comments in GLOBAL

From: Simon D.
Subject: Re: A doubt about Doxygen style comments in GLOBAL
Date: Sun, 28 Jun 2015 01:30:38 +0100

Hi, Shigio.

I forgot about the following.

The following '@fn' directive lines can be removed but you need to disable the
Doxygen comments they are within (turn '/**' into '/*'),
[The @fn directive is used if there is some other variable, #define or function 
the function the Doxygen comment is describing]:

global.c    parsefile()

gtags.c    static void put_syms()

display.c     BOOL search(void)

htags/fileindex.c     static int print_directory()

libutil/xargs.c       static char *repeat_find_read()

libutil/tab.c        size_t read_file_detabing()

strbuf.c       STRBUF *strbuf_open_tempbuf()

gpathop.c      GFIND *gfind_open()

dbop.c     static void start_sort_process()   and 
                 static void terminate_sort_process()


'@par' and '@details' can be removed, without disabling the Doxygen comments.

The '/**' needs to be '/*' for the comment
beginning with: 'Definition of LEXTEXT, LEXLENG, LEXIN and LEXRESTART.'.
in lexcommon.h

load_plugin_parser() [libparser/parser.c] needs to be removed from Doxygen 
seeing it.
As is <xxxx> in it,
and parser_init() in same file.
also for gtagsop.c 'static const char *seekto()' (remove @fn line also).

Line 36 in varray.c needs to be '@' not '\@'.

The '@def O_ACCMODE' line in 'libdb/compat.h' can be removed and disable the 
Doxygen comment,
also can the '@struct anchor' line in 'htags/anchor.h'.

Simon Dommett

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