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GLOBAL 6.5.2 Patches

From: Jason Hood
Subject: GLOBAL 6.5.2 Patches
Date: Fri, 01 Jan 2016 18:45:46 +1000
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In addition to Windows patches, there's also tweaks for the manuals.


  Strip @begin_verbatim & @end_verbatim from the c converter
  - remove from global's help message.

  Escape an initial '.' in the man converter
  - I've added an ellipsis (...) to the global nearness table.

  Remove leading white space in info examples
  - the nearness table was indented too much.


  Wrapped lines to keep the help messages to 80 columns.
  Fixed typos.


  Finally fixed Ctrl+C (and properly restore the screen on exit, via a
  PDCurses patch).


  The language is "CoffeeScript" for Universal Ctags.  It might be better
  to create a separate section for Exuberant Ctags, to avoid its unknown
  language warning.


  Change "access to" to "access at".  This just seems like a duplicate of
  the "Serving..." line - easier to copy?  It also seems out of place,
  perhaps it might be better on the server line (e.g. "Python2 http/cgi
  server at http://...";) or after it instead of before.


  Implement "~/" for Windows ("~user/" won't work).


  Include "path.h" to get the prototype of realpath.


  String concatenation doesn't work with commas getting in the way. :)


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