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Universal Ctags langmap

From: Jason Hood
Subject: Universal Ctags langmap
Date: Tue, 22 Mar 2016 12:24:29 +1000
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There's a few problems with langmap for universal-ctags.

1. DBusIntrospect is ignored, as Ant already has .xml.  Since .xml is hardly 
distinct, I suggest removing both.

2. DBusIntrospect & Glade may not be supported at all, if ctags was built 
without libxml.

3. The real problem is suffixes don't accumulate, which stops C++ from working 
at all - .inl is replacing all the other extensions.  For the Windows release I 
just separated the duplicated languages.  Another solution would be to map the 
languages (using value to store the position within the strbuf), create a 
strbuf_insert function and append the new extension(s).


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