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./configure'd universal-ctags name not being used to tag source

From: Panariti, David
Subject: ./configure'd universal-ctags name not being used to tag source
Date: Thu, 2 Jun 2016 20:47:52 +0000

Same goes for exuberant-ctags.


In the non-Windwoes version of start_ctags(), argv[0] is never changed from the default of “ctags”.

This works just fine if you’ve installed uctags as ctags.


Here’s a quick patch. I did it the easiest way.  Since ctagscom is global, I didn’t bother saving and restoring the original value, but that may be the better way to do it.

Here’s the patch (and attached). Apologies if it’s not formatted correctly, I don’t have the opportunity to submit patches very often.




    I, David Panariti, hereby disclaim all copyright interest in my

    changes and enhancements to GLOBAL (herein called

    the "Program").


    I affirm that I have no other intellectual property interest that

    would undermine this release, or the use of the Program, and will

    do nothing to undermine it in the future.  I represent that the

    changes and enhancements are my own and not a copy of someone

    else's work.


    David Panariti











--- exuberant-ctags.c 2016-03-27 00:04:42.000000000 -0400

+++ /home/dpanarit/local/build/global-6.5.4/plugin-factory/exuberant-ctags.c     2016-06-02 16:31:42.440670746 -0400

@@ -195,11 +195,11 @@


    int opipe[2], ipipe[2];

    char *path = param->getconf("ctagscom");


    if (path && strlen(path) > 0 && strcmp(path, "no") != 0)

          ctagscom = path;

    if (!ctagscom || !strlen(ctagscom) || !strcmp(ctagscom, "no"))


+    argv[0] = ctagscom;

    argv[1] = malloc(sizeof(LANGMAP_OPTION) + strlen(param->langmap));

    if (argv[1] == NULL)

          param->die("short of memory.");

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