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Gtag skip feature

From: Park Kit
Subject: Gtag skip feature
Date: Thu, 16 Jun 2016 14:35:27 +0100


This may be suggestions for gtag.

I have source tree which has many sym links and sub trees which I do not want to parse. Gtags has a "skip" feature but it's limited and here are suggestions.

1. Option for not following sym link.
Currently, follows blindly and increases tag db size.

1. No glob on skip path.
Since not able to use glob on path name so have to list out all names explicitly which could have too many.

3. No multiple skip setting.
Not able to have "skip" variable more than one in the conf and ends up long single line when there are many to skip. For example,

# for sub folder x

# for sub folder y

Is there any other easy way to filter out targets files/directories so that can have smaller tag db file and faster running?

Many thanks,
Sorry for a terse reply or typo as sent from a mobile.

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