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configure in gmp 2.0.2 for rs6000

From: James F Cariello
Subject: configure in gmp 2.0.2 for rs6000
Date: Thu, 14 Dec 2000 14:49:05 -0500 (EST)

to whom it may concern,

im not sure if this will be helpful to anyone, but for those out there
who still use gmp 2.0.2 this change may be welcomed.

i tracked down one of the gmp pages that outlined the problem with recent
versions of gcc ( >= 2.8 ) on rs6000 platforms after wrestling with the
problem myself for a while.  the solution is to pass -mpower (or
-mcpu=power) to gcc when on that platform (to allow inclusion of mq

i made the change to the configure.in script (highlighted below) and have
added a file 'config/mt-power' to the package to do that for you if you
are on that platform.  both files are included with this message as an

if you still distribute 2.0.2 this would be a fairly convenient change to
those desiring it on an rs6000 platform.

thanks for your time (please let me know just for kicks if you do apply
this change)


change in configure.in was adding the following lines to reference the
included mt-power makefile fragment.

case "${target}" in
    if [ x$with_gcc != xno ]

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