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Re: solaris link problem

From: Kevin Ryde
Subject: Re: solaris link problem
Date: 21 Dec 2000 05:56:38 +1000
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Ed Thomas <address@hidden> writes:
> libra$ gcc -Wa,-xarch=v8plus -mcpu=v9 -o go -L. -lgmp go.c
> Undefined                       first referenced
>  symbol                             in file
> __gmpz_init_set_str                 /var/tmp/ccP1aqQo1.o
> ...

I think you need to use -L.libs, since libtool puts the uninstalled
libgmp.a in that subdirectory.  (Cf. the example in the INSTALL file.)

>   2) I change `define(<GSYM_PREFIX>, <>)' to `define(<GSYM_PREFIX>, <_>)'
>      in config.m4

You shouldn't need to fiddle with GSYM_PREFIX, empty should be correct
on SunOS 5.

> gmp.info-1 suggests I compile with gcc -mv8plus, but gcc says that's
> an invalid option.

Thanks, we'll amend the manual to note it needs a new enough gcc.

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