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Re: MinGW and gmp-3.1.1

From: Kevin Ryde
Subject: Re: MinGW and gmp-3.1.1
Date: 31 Jan 2001 08:13:01 +1000
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Dima Angert <address@hidden> writes:
> I have succeded to compile both static and dynamic versions of gmp-3.1.1
> with mingw-2.95.2-1. There are some configure problems, like cygpath
> that called incorrectly,

What's wrong with it?  Is it calls from mpn/Makefile.am .s.obj rules
which are bad, or from libtool.

> dll building flag in lt_config

We're updating to a new libtool, if they've already solved the problem

> and the very same host detection problem of 3.1.

You mean config.guess?  We're updating that too.

> Also, random() is not available in Win32 API, and I thus dynamic build
> fails because of undefined symbols. I had overcome this by inserting the
> following code in one of the common header files (config.h I think, yes
> I know it was dirty).
> #ifdef __MINGW32__
> static long random()
> {
>   return rand();
> }
> #endif

Thanks, we'll add something like that to urandom.h (if we don't get
rid of the dependence on libc random functions altogether).

Does that rand() return 31 bits, ie. 0 to LONG_MAX?

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