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Re: Compilation crashes on NetBSD 1.5

From: fis
Subject: Re: Compilation crashes on NetBSD 1.5
Date: Thu, 5 Apr 2001 11:14:12 +0300

This attitude is pretty annoying, and the way you put it is much
worse.  I won't comment on your accusations at all, but wasn't the
strength of the open source approach meant to be `more debugging

But then, obviously bad guys produce bad feedback.  I see.  Anyway
here is a fix (well, a workaround, I didn't need anything more
sophisticated).  Feel free to ignore, I am off.


(/tmp/gmp-2.0.2) $ ./configure
(/tmp/gmp-2.0.2) $ cd mpn
(/tmp/gmp-2.0.2/mpn) $ rm add_n.S addmul_1.S lshift.S mul_1.S rshift.S sub_n.S 
(/tmp/gmp-2.0.2/mpn) $ ln -s ./generic/add_n.c
(/tmp/gmp-2.0.2/mpn) $ ln -s ./generic/addmul_1.c
(/tmp/gmp-2.0.2/mpn) $ ln -s ./generic/lshift.c
(/tmp/gmp-2.0.2/mpn) $ ln -s ./generic/mul_1.c
(/tmp/gmp-2.0.2/mpn) $ ln -s ./generic/rshift.c
(/tmp/gmp-2.0.2/mpn) $ ln -s ./generic/sub_n.c
(/tmp/gmp-2.0.2/mpn) $ ln -s ./generic/submul_1.c
(/tmp/gmp-2.0.2) $ cd .. && gmake all test

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> From: Torbjorn Granlund <address@hidden>
> Date: 04 Apr 2001 18:25:46 +0200
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> address@hidden writes:
>   I need to compile gmp-2.0.2 on NetBSD 1.5 (long story, no point in
>   argueing about that).  The `./configure && gmake' trick does not do it
>   because:
> Since SSH Inc two years ago took significant parts of GMP and deleted
> the FSF copyright notices, and then ignored the agreement we reached
> on how to resolve that situation, I urge everyone not to help SSH's
> engineers with any issues concerning GMP.
> Lately, SSH Inc has threatened to sue people using ssh as the name of
> a specific protocol ("the ssh protocol"), including the IETF (Internet
> Engineering Task Force, the entity that handles Internet protocol
> standardization).  Bizarre, since they explicitly give permission to
> use the name in their old, free source code.
> Given this background, I don't think SSH can be regarded as a serious
> company.  They don't deserve serious replies.
> -- 
> Torbjörn

Matthias Fischmann | Research Engineer                | +358 (9) 8565 7474
address@hidden         | SSH Communication Security Corp. | +358 (40) 752 5291

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