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Re: gmp-3.1.1 make error on MacOS X

From: Kevin Ryde
Subject: Re: gmp-3.1.1 make error on MacOS X
Date: 12 Aug 2001 06:48:25 +1000
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Koen Vervloesem <address@hidden> writes:
> Half a year ago I compiled gmp-3.1.1 successfully on Yellow Dog Linux
> 1.2 on my iMac, but now I can't do the same on MacOS X. When I run
> "./configure" all seems ok, but "make" gives errors; I include the
> output in make.log, and I add config.log and config.m4.

GMP 3.1.1 was released prior to darwin and doesn't choose the right
assembler syntax.  Patch to configure below, or alternately you can
manually remove the line


from the generated config.m4.

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