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Re: gmp 4.1 on OpenBSD

From: Kevin Ryde
Subject: Re: gmp 4.1 on OpenBSD
Date: Wed, 16 Oct 2002 08:11:48 +1000
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Christian Weisgerber <address@hidden> writes:
> 1.
> OpenBSD/sparc64 is a true 64-bit platform.  Currently, gmp's configure
> script doesn't recognize OpenBSD/sparc64 and falls back to a Linux-
> inspired 32-bit default that builds but doesn't work.

Is that because 32-bits isn't supported at all?  If it's supposed to
work but doesn't we'd like to know :-).

> I copied the
> settings that appeared relevant from the Solaris section and with
> the following change gmp 4.1 builds and tests fine on OpenBSD/sparc64.
> I strongly suspect that the same patch is required for NetBSD/sparc64
> and FreeBSD/sparc64.


Do we need a gcc_64_cflags set to "-m64 -mptr64" or something?  Or is
that the default?  As long as it works it could go in there to avoid
any confusion.

> 2.
> OpenBSD/i386 is still an a.out platform and it does require GSYM_PREFIX
> ('_') for _GLOBAL_OFFSET_TABLE_, cf. mpn/x86/README.  I don't know
> whether this is compatible with other i386/a.out platforms.


Per that README, I know netbsd needs plain _GLOBAL not __GLOBAL, but
grepping gcc config/i386 suggests that system is the exception, not
the rule.  Might make a test that tries both to see which works.

I'm pretty sure we built successfully in the past on openbsd 2.8.
Maybe that was before _GLOBAL_OFFSET_TABLE_ got into the asm code.

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