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__gmpn_bases problem

From: keith . briggs
Subject: __gmpn_bases problem
Date: Thu, 17 Oct 2002 12:50:38 +0100

Dear address@hidden,

I am getting a linker error 
undefined symbol: __gmpn_bases
when using mpfr.   It seems to be triggered only when using the mpfr_out_str
function.   I am getting this on redhat linux systems with RH7.2 and RH7.3,
but not with RH6.2.     I have installed gmp-4.1 on all systems.   I get
the error with gcc-3.0.3 and gcc-3.2.    "nm -a libgmp.so" is showing the
symbol as present in the library.
I would be grateful for any suggestions how to fix this.

Thank you,

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