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Re: 4.1.3 and mpfr

From: Sisyphus
Subject: Re: 4.1.3 and mpfr
Date: Thu, 06 May 2004 13:00:50 +1000
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Kevin Ryde wrote:
Sisyphus <address@hidden> writes:

So ... I repeated the same procedure with GMP-4.1.3. Everything still
works fine with MinGW, but with VC 7, when I build an mpfr app, I get
the errors pertaining to '_alloca'.

I think _alloca may live in libgcc, which would not be a normal part
of an ms c link.

We're using gcc __builtin_alloca, or should be, I guess that comes out
as a libgcc call.  I don't know what one is meant to do for that when
mixing gcc and ms.  I'll add a note to the manual if anyone can say.
Presumably it affects any program using __builtin_alloca and mixing
gcc and ms c though.

It seems odd to me that this problem has arisen with 4.1.3, but 4.1.2 was fine.

Perhaps the bug is that 4.1.2 worked - not that 4.1.3 doesn't work :-)

In the meantime I'll play around with some build options (as time and energy permits) and report back if I find something that helps.


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