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Re: [Bug-gnash] [Gnash] Proposed upgrade of the web pages

From: Thérèse Godefroy
Subject: Re: [Bug-gnash] [Gnash] Proposed upgrade of the web pages
Date: Mon, 16 May 2016 23:41:52 +0200
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Hi Sandro,

Le 16/05/2016 23:26, Sandro Santilli a écrit :

> Thanks for the update work, Thérèse, I've applied your patch
> and committed to the CVS repository. That'd be another thing to
> upgrade (the revision control system), we just need another good
> contribution like yours :)
> --strk;

Thanks for applying the patch.

One thing I forgot to mention: the links to GNU Gnash news [0] and
Developer wiki [1] are dead.

As for upgrading the revision control system, it's way beyond my
competences. But CVS is not bad for simple  things like updating www,
only it's very slow.


[0] http://gnashdev.org/
[1] http://wiki.gnashdev.org/

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