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Re: [Bug-gnupedia] Nupedia

From: Jimmy Wales
Subject: Re: [Bug-gnupedia] Nupedia
Date: Wed, 17 Jan 2001 21:07:20 -0600
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Seth Nickell wrote:
> I was wondering what was going on here... I have been impressed with the
> quality of Nupedia articles and was surprised that the projects hadn't
> made a joint announcement.

It's a mystery to me.  Richard Stallman suggested to me within the past
two weeks that we *should* make a joint announcement.  And then this --
out of the blue -- I just don't understand it.  I don't understand why
_at a bare minimum_, I could not have been told in advance that the FSF
was planning to start a competing project.  

I was having a nice conversation with RMS about changing our license
and making a public announcement stressing the values of freedom and
co-operation, and then THIS.  Some co-operation.

But as I have said, and will say again, I have only the highest respect
for Richard Stallman, and I can only assume that this was simply a terrible
oversight or misunderstanding of some kind.  I have not heard back from him
yet about my complaints (but, he hasn't had time yet to respond, I'm sure).

But since the license is compatible (the same) there is probably no
reason to have two projects... and if there *are* good reasons to have
two projects (as there sometimes are), then certainly they should not
have such similar names.  We were here first.  (How first?  So first
that I registered gnupedia.org in additional to nupedia.com,etc., over
a year ago to prevent this kind of name confusion/dilution.)

I really hope that Hector will agree to join us over at Nupedia.  We
really value energy and enthusiasm from all sectors.  We have already
ironed out many of the problems that are being discussed here, and now
we have review boards, articles in process, and extremely high quality.


p.s.  We aren't upset about there being competing projects.  But I am
personally hurt by the poor way this was handled.  Perhaps I can understand
that Richard is a very busy and important person, and that mistakes do
get made.

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