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Bug in GNUChess 5.04

From: Denis Bernard
Subject: Bug in GNUChess 5.04
Date: Thu, 16 May 2002 02:51:03 +0200

Hi guys,

I must begin by thanking you for bringing us this great software. Let me 
contribute by reporting some bugs:

When I tried to load a position in WinBoard, at first sight it seemed to work 
well, but after some moves I've had errors like "Illegal move" for perfectly 
legal ones...

I've spot the problem in cmd.c: the input buffers are too small to handle an 
average "epd" or "setboard" command (more than 64 bytes). I've made some tests 
with doubled sizes and it works fine. The attached diff file is made from the 
actual cvs version. BTW gnuchess stackdumps when the FEN/EPD passed in is 
incorrect (I can fix this if you want).

I've also noted that the function BookCmd() in cmd.c seems useless and never 
called... Is it a first step of a future feature or some old code remaining ?

As I'm a really weak player who wants to learn, I looked after the "rating" 
command to make GNUChess catch up with my poor level, but this one seems to be 
in a stale state: whatever values passed in produce the same null thing 
(bookfirstlast = 2) :(
Is someone working on it ? Could I help to make it work (I'd need some clues 
here) ?

So long,


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