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Your Assistance needed

From: Mr Adam Akin
Subject: Your Assistance needed
Date: Sat, 18 May 2002 05:06:37

Dear Sir 
I believe you will receive this letter with great surprise from somebody you 
have not known before. I got your address from a business journal. After fair 
consideration, I decided to approach you for assistance to my urgent need which 
i hope will be of mutual benefit to both parties. 

I am Mr. Adam Akin personal assistant to senator Idris Abubakar.Senator Idris 
Abubakar is chairman on works committee and contract awards in national 
assembly of Nigeria. This committee awarded a contract to foreign consortium 
firms to build a Hydro Electric Dam in Nigeria at the whopping sum of USD 3.5 
billion. Senator Idris Abubakar and his committee was to collect the sum of 
USD28 million [Twenty eight  million dollars] only on guise as a partner firm 
that will supply some electric equipment to the consortium of contractors, for 
which the named company should be one. 

This company therefore must be enlisted among the contractor and supplies 
before the payment should be to them. The Idris Abubakar committee serving as 
senators in this present government, trusted and mandated me to receive, and 
manage this funds [USD28Millon]for them through a neutral and unfamiliar body 
outside Nigeria since all aspects of the contract is completely foreign 
oriented. I have to collect through the foreign firm this fund and control it 
till 2004, when they should have left office. 

I write to seek for your assistance to receive the money into your account. 
When the money is paid into your account you will take 25% of the money and 
give us the remaining 75% which will also remain under your control till the 
year 2004.This money is now ready for payment to the respective contactors. All 
you are required to do now is to send 
(1)     Your full name and address
(2)     Your account name / account number
(3)     Your acceptance letter
(4)     Your phone, mobile and fax numbers.

your bank account details where this money should be paid into. This 
transaction must be concluded within 14 working days after i have received your 
account details. Please this transaction is strictly very confidential, and 
sincerely real. Your account name and bank details are needed to process the 
payment into your account, so you should send it soonest. 

I have not made any approach elsewhere, your country and your very self is 
considered more suitable in view of profile. 

I look forward to your reply soonest. 
Mr Adam Akin

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