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Urgent Reply.

From: chinonyere john.
Subject: Urgent Reply.
Date: Sat, 01 Jun 2002 05:46:26


 I am writing you this letter on a personal basis as
the Chairman of the Technical Committee has on the
Award and Review of Contracts in the Federal Ministry
of Transport.

This Committee has been mandated to pay all authentic
outstanding debts owes both local and foreign
contracts who rendered goods and services to the
Defunct National Shipping Carrier- THE NIGERIA
I have discovered that s foreign company owed huge
debts of money for some contractual services between
1986 - 1989, have failed to turn in all necessary
document that will faciliate the payment of this debts
which amount to the total sum of US$12,750,000.00
(Twelve Million, Seven hundred and fifty Thousand u.
s. Dollars only). After several reminders through the
last known contact address in our official record,
this Committee has now assumed the company no longer

The Federal Ministry of Transport has advised this
Committee to delete the name of the companies who fail
to turn up or show evidence of actually executing any
contract from the list of beneficiaries. With your
sincere co-operation and support, I now intend to use
your company as the foreign based company who actually
executed the contract and therefore be considered for
full payment of the amount stated above.

As the Chairman of this Committee, I will influence
the prompt payment of this money. And I also want to
assure you that there is NO RISK involved that will
tarnish the good image of your company and yourself,
neither will I risk putting my civil service career
spanning over thirty years on what will tarnish my
image and reputation.

If you are seriously and genuinely interested in my
plan and aspiration, kindly let me know immediately
you receive this proposal so that I will give you the
necessary modalities for a successful execution of
this business.

Thanks and God bless.

Yours Faithfully,


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